How to Build Videos at Lightning Speed 

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Imagine never creating a video
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We know... you know... Creating killer videos, that grab attention and demand respect - take time! 

It's not like you can just snap your fingers, click a few buttons, hit render and "hey presto, you have a slick marketing video you can use to quickly turn heads & drive sales."

But it's almost possible...

You see, instead of you doing all the hard work, creating videos for your social media, ads, websites and clients from scratch...

.... We've already dashed quickly ahead and
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Our team of designer's, 2D & 3D animators and illustrators are quite simply video machines!

Who have already put together over 500+ "cream of the crop" video templates in all the most popular styles & niches ready for you to edit with your own text, make as many tweaks as you like, then all you need to do is push the magic "publish button"! 


All Access Pass

Premium characters, done-for-you templates & scenes, music & sound Fx and loads of other video resources in one affordable package.

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Scene Builder

Sound Effects

Music Library

Icons & Effect

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Bobble Heads

Create your own characters, add your face & build hilariously engaging videos.

Doodle Character's

Get our massive pack of animated doodle elements, icons, characters & transitions to make your doodle videos look incredible.

Scroll Stoppers

Add an additional 100+ scroll stopping effects for even more wildly engaging elements for your social videos.

New 3D Characters

Gain access to over 100+ 3D characters with new characters added every month.

Youtube Promo Kit

Optimise all your videos on YouTube to boost subscribers, likes & shares and brand your channel as experts.

Unrestricted access to our premium
video creator's vault

Template Library

500+ Video Templates & Counting

All Assets

Access to 1000's of premium assets

500+ Animated Backgrounds

500+ Backgrounds

All Characters

200+ Extra Characters

Video Effects

Special Video Effects

Then every month get new templates,
characters & assets!

We take care of it all.

And you Save Time. Save Money.
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Don’t work harder, work smarter!

With our All Access Pass, we do all the heavy lifting for you.

We create done-for-you templates, so you can simply make simple edits & publish in seconds!

We create new characters, backgrounds, icons & other video resources, you can simply drag & drop on to your videos without having to do any complex editing.

And we create new pro resources every month so you and your clients will never be left with old outdated videos!

Yeah and incase you didn’t know, you can also sell the videos you make with our resources to clients for hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Take care of all your video needs today
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Billed annually.
Usually $37/mo ($444/year)

Access all our characters, templates, scenes & video resources.
New Templates, Characters & Resources EVERY MONTH.
1 Year All Access Pass





One-time fee. No subscription.
You're saving $933!

Access all our characters, templates, scenes & video resources.
New Templates, Characters & Resources EVERY MONTH.
3 Years All Access Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm already an all access yearly member?

If you're currently on an annual all access pass we have good news for you! We're updating all annual members with our special pricing automatically! This means your plan is now switching to just $199/year! You can also upgrade to our Gold 3 year all access pass and your annual plan will be canceled.

What's included in this offer?

With an all access pass you get:

- Access to ALL our characters, templates, done-for-you scenes & video resources.
- New characters EVERY month.
- New Templates EVERY month.
- New music tracks EVERY month.
- New done-for-you scenes EVERY month.
- Plus you can sell videos to clients made with these assets.

And you can have FULL access for either one year or 3 years right now at OVER 50% OFF!

What's the difference between Gold & Silver passes?

The Silver Pass - Gives you an all access pass for 1 year. 
The Gold Pass - Gives you an all access pass for 3 years. 

Is there any contract?

No, you can cancel your all access pass within 12 months and will not be re-billed if you decide you no longer
want the all access pass after your first year. Simply shoot us a message via our support desk at